Motorhome Towing Service

Unfortunately, motorhomes don't always run properly. In this case we can come to your and help you with our excellent towing service. At Camel Towing & Sales Ltd, we offer assistance to your vehicle. We are the go-to company in the Qu'Appelle area when it comes to heavy duty car towing.

Amateur methods can cause more damage to heavy duty vehicles—this is why it is important to call a professional towing company. If the damage to the vehicle is already serious, any wrong movement can make it all the more irreparable. We offer emergency services on the times we are closed, so you can always trust that there is someone there to give you the help you need when you need it.

Not any towing company can help with these types of services—it takes a specialist. If you are in need of heavy duty towing services, we are here to help.

At Camel Towing & Sales Ltd, our towing company specializes in Motorhome towing service, so you are sure that your vehicle will be in safe hands. Should you need roadside service, contact Camel Towing & Sales Ltd immediately. We are the best when it comes to emergency towing in Qu'Appelle, SK.